With a large amount of experience,
that I have collected from various life situations, areas, positions, and projects, I will bring the life-saving project "www.shockdee.com" AED for Thailand, closer to the people in Thailand.

Therefore, WE do public relation and show the importance of AEDs.

With us "Siam--Star--Adwise Co. Ltd. and the project www.shockdee.com - AEDs for Thailand
“Normal and necessary business-advertising becomes something meaningful and unique.”


My new AED Partner in Thailand
with defibtech AED.

Georg J. Geier is talking about SHOCKDEE and why he started this project in Thailand. www.shockdee.com AED-HERO (and the related Apps for IOS and Android) make Thailand more save – people of Thailand and visitors more secure and protected. Wherever possible, place “donate” AED’s (Defibrillator) – when it is in line with my business idea. Install AEDs in different locations all over Bangkok/Thailand and show the location on the SHOCKDEE map. If you see an AED already installed, you can report the location via APP and become an AED Hero. Everyone should be able, to find the nearest AED location and help as fast as possible, in case of an emergency. If companies see the value and importance of my work they can support the “SHOCKDEE-Idea” and the project www.shockdee.com Just by simply booking advertisement on www.shockdee.com Consequently, Companies (no matter small or big) show they care about people in Thailand and become a part of the SHOCKDEE Family.

They show, having their heart on the right place. All People will see – These companies are „AED HERO“ www.shockdee.com AED-HERO (และแอพที่เกี่ยวข้องสำหรับ IOS และ Android)