With “Siam Star AdWise” new ideas will be created and realized.

With the 1. project SHOCKDEE - AED for Thailand, my intention is to make Thailand safer and rescue more People from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

To take away the fear from Thai People to use an AED in case of an emergency.
Place and show on our map as many AEDs as possible in Thailand.

SHOCKDEE - AED for Thailand (and the free-associated apps for IOS and Android)
shows all locals, tourists and visitors to Thailand, that you don't have to be afraid.
of sudden cardiac arrest.

Because the nearest AED (defibrillator) is in the immediate vicinity and find it with our APPs.

Everyone has the opportunity to:

- Search AED locations
- Find and AED locations
- Report AED locations.
Quick and easy, by using our free APPs.

Only “together” and with “thinking about existing for each other” will make it happen.

Let's increase safety and rescue from “sudden cardiac arrest” throughout Thailand.

Do it for your family, friends, neighbors and yourself!

The next AED could be your lifesaver.

Companies, from all business areas, have the opportunity to prove to their fellow citizens in Thailand that they are willing to help “save lives”.
Company logos offline, on one of our AED STANDs (locations in Thailand carefully selected by us)

showcase, as well as online worldwide, through various web channels.

If you need an AED (because it is Thai Law) or want an AED machine,
but not like to spend Money on it.

Contact me: [email protected]

no matter:
Who you are
What degree and education you have
Where you are at the moment
What you are doing at the moment and how old you are


there is an AED near you
and a passerby can use the AED, to get your heart beating again.